Hong Kong : A country with skyscraper-studded skyline.

When it comes to capturing the happiest moments of your life than no one can do it better than us. We cover it all, be it a pre-wedding, post wedding , wedding ,anniversary or any other event.

Video tailor wishes this couple a very happy 25th anniversary, may these 25 years of their married life be the prologue of a timeless fairy tale.


Choosing a perfect location in hong kong was challenging task for our creative team as Its lively, thickly populated. Hong Kong is likewise a noteworthy shopping centre, celebrated for bespoke tailors and Temple Street Night Market.

Our creative team had reached Hong kong a day before the shoot and conceptualized every sequence and did location scouting for the same and the results we got are just mind blowing. We started the shoot early in the morning to make the best use of the natural light. We wanted to keep it more natural.


Here are the best pre-wedding locations explored by Video Tailor team :

1. Kowloon Peak

An unusual tourist attractions, this location will definitely give you chills as it located at an elevation 603 meters. It gives you the view of hong from a different angle.

2. Plover Cove

Plover Cove Country Park feels a world far from the buzzing about of urban Hong Kong. Situated in the northeastern Hong Kong, the recreation center is a tranquil desert spring where it’s anything but difficult to unplug from the confounding diversions of city life and tune into the loosening up sights and hints of nature.

3. Kite Flying Site Clear Water Bay Park

A place with the best sunshines and with an almost constant breeze and amazing emerald sea views, Clearwater Bay Country Park offers everything you need for a kite outing with your family and friends.

4. Tai Po Water Front

Located along the tolo harbour occupying an area 22 hectares. It provides a wide variety facilities like rest gardens,sitting-out areas. The park is also the start of the popular cycle route to Tai Mei Tuk.

5. Repulse Bay Beach

Located in the southern district. It is the perfect place for a break far from the busy city . This bow formed stretch of sand is a standout amongst the most delightful shorelines in Hong Kong. Shock Bay’s name originates from a nineteenth century fight in which the British armed force spurned assaulting privateers. Today, Repulse Bay is a lavish local location with the wide, wave-lapped shoreline is prominent with local people and guests alike.

6. TSZ SHAN Monastery

TSZ SHAN MONASTERY is breathtaking sight having grand and majestic buildings with 76m long tall steel-framed, bronze-forged white statue of Guan Yin also known as the goddess of mercy.

7. Bridal's Pool

The most scenic, hidden treasure in hong kong, it also makes for a scenic, natural swimming pool attracting many visitors during the summer.

8. Sai Kung

The Sai Kung peninsula is known for its curious angling towns and climbing ways. A standout amongst the most prevalent goals is Sai Kung town, where a bustling gliding fish showcase supplies the in the open air waterfront diners


8. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is an extravagance cruise ship terminal that opened at the previous Kai Tak Airport runway at Hong Kong.


Being situated on the ocean side, Hong Kong has an assortment of climate conditions and is exposed to hurricanes also amid the blustery season. Hong Kong is situated in the Subtropical locale, making it an all year goal. Despite the fact that summers here are known to be extremely sweltering and sticky and can in a perfect world be stayed away from. Winters here are known to be dry and cool making it the best climate to be in Hong Kong.

Autumn- September to November

It is a great time to appreciate Hong Kong. The stickiness is less and the temperature additionally begins plunging. In October the rain decreases, the temperature likewise goes down to around 26 degrees and the night times are charming.

Winter- December to February

The temperatures are somewhat fluctuating and the climate is for the most part dry. The temperature doesn’t cross the 20-degree check in Decembers. In January however, the temperature drops to around 15 degrees centigrade. It is the coldest month here. Hong Kong never observes snow amid this month however encounters around 21mm of normal precipitation, it is the second driest month after December. The period of February likewise has comparative climate when contrasted with January, however the temperatures begins expanding and contacts near 25 degrees centigrade.

It was a great experience shooting in Hong Kong. We are looking forward to do many more shoots there.


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