Contrast In 2D And 3D Animation Video’s

DISTINCTION IN 2D AND 3D ANIMATION “Our animations touching your imaginations”  If you imagine, have vision we here at VIDEO TAILOR  turn them to reality IN the modern age of digitalisation and  fast paced world, technology of ANIMATION relating to 2D and 3D animation videos is getting new recognition and a global appeal Animation though [...]

Tips on How to Create Best Brand Videos

Why you should focus on creating a brand video for your business? Brand videos are one of the new emerging trends of marketing and similar to an advertisement, the difference comes where advertisement focuses on the promotion of the product or the service. The brand video focuses on the promotion and selling of the brand [...]

Projection Mapping

About 3D Projection Mapping: Movies speak to you, move 'figurative' mountains, inspiring you to do the unthinkable, create the unimaginable. However, even movies have their limits, the message they carry gets out of touch with reality and obsolete rather fast than you'd want to. Then what would rule your audience's heart and move them at [...]

Pricing for 3D animated videos in Delhi

How much it cost? Your animated video for your project, yes that one, how much did you pay? Outsourced it? Is it any good, because someone always does better. That someone being Video Tailor that too at competitive rates, ensuring quality work of the highest order. Think how are 3D animated videos priced and on what basis? See the [...]

2D and 3D Animation Studio in Delhi NCR

Top seven 2D Animation and 3D Animation Studio in Delhi NCR: Animation in advertising and marketing is a class by itself that acts as a communication medium. Animation has some exclusive qualities that no other advertising medium can equal. This is one of the most effective communication medium to increase awareness and to boost the [...]