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Ever since the evolution of media and in order to make sure people know what is going on around the world, best ad films were introduced. Ad film is the process of making a film from an initial story or idea. Ad film production has always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the audience attention. They help promote a business, a brand, a company, an idea and hence captivate audience in the most effective way. They Include everything such as script writing, storyboard concepts, editing films etc.

1) Funny Ad Films:

Laughing and forgetting everything for a moment, can make you feel how much of a stress buster advertisement could be. Ad film makers make use of the exactly same strategy to make audience indulge in their work. While delivering the message that is best suited for their product, they make sure the viewers rejoice it. Here are some of the best humoristic ad films :


a. Finolex Fans: 

The plot of this video is set in a space station whereby an Indian astronaut just before having his food realizes that his spice has ended. He down links this message and so it becomes a breaking news. Hearing this news, the astronaut’s mother feels that something needs to be done. So, she arranges the setup by placing the finolex fans and sends up the spice to his son. This video has an amazing message of how cyclonic the fans are.

No. of views -149,474

Popularity- High

b. Bombay Bites: 

Samosa probably among the favourite snacks is being advertised here. The video here shows a Bulgar that breaks into the house with the sole purpose of having samosa. He is so excited to find them, and couldn’t resist to have them then and there. Only to discover that someone is approaching him, he decides to hide behind the wooden box to continue his feast without interruptions. The visual message is very strong on the part that the snack is absolutely lip smacking.

No of views-77328


c. Chonkpur cheetahs (Amazon): 

This advertisement is probably one of the most hilarious that you will come across on internet. Chonkpur cheetahs is a local cricket team that is preparing to play cricket tournament. Coach is confident enough that his bowler would be the man of series in the upcoming tournament. However, the bowler doesn’t want it because of his poor english. The video is rather convincing in a manner that no matter what product or service you desire, it can be fulfilled by amazon.

No. of views-416,684

Popularity- High

2) Emotional Ad Films:

Emotion is what some corporate Ad film makers think best connects with the audience. Your emotion must speak volumes for your advertisement. Connecting emotionally with people has great advantage in a manner that could gain you sympathy. Which could lead to repeated sales or services of your product. Here are some of the best emotional ad films:

a. Life insurance by lic : Life insurance corporation of India takes you on a journey where they state your families well being even after your death. They emotionally connect with the audience through the message of doing great to you and your family. Clearly stating in their video “ CHINTA NA FIKAR NA HAI DAR” which implies the life is without any burdens and there is nothing to be afraid of.

No. of views-80,040


b) SBI home loan :

Home is a place everybody desires to have. Home is not just made of bricks and cement put together, it is a place filled with love and affection. Owning home has been a dream of many and this video just depicts the home you need. Be it small or even a Bungalow every need is taken care of with home loan.

No. of views-15,115


c) Fortune:

The plot of this video is set inside a hospital ward. Where Grandmother of the patient comes day in and day out with a tiffin box. She wants his grandson to have 2 spoons of the meal. The nurse being the care taker does not allow it to happen. But after being forced for weeks, she finally agrees and the patient on having the home made food sighs a great sight of relief. The video has an emotionally very strong message about the love and affection served with the home made food.

No. of views-178,110

Popularity- High

3) Animation Ad Films:

Corporate animation film makers have taken the industry by storm through presenting media that was not possible to be represented by the real world entity. Animation adds motion to graphics, they clearly show how the motion of different parts of the animated media work. It can be anything from delivering a product, to loading of gun and even to the process of home loan.

a.Make my trip:

The video has an animated character called Mr. triper that talks about the traditional way travelling was and how make my trip has changed it.  This corporate ad film talks about how to save your money and time through getting best deals. It also states how can you attend meetings and explore the city all at the same time.

No. of views-632

Popularity- Very low

b. Flipkart:

Long gone are the days where you had to go looking for the customers in the shopping malls, flee markets etc. then identify their needs and produce the final product. Today’s market has gone online and believes in buying and selling everything on that platform. Who doesn’t wanna be amongst the best sellers of the world ? This video exactly delivers the same solution. It talks about how to grow business with one of the India’s most trusted online website.

No. of views-1,106


c. Hdfc life insurance :

This animation ad film video deals with how can you prevent yourself from the load of illness, if it strikes you anytime of your life. It majorly focuses on why is it important for you ? The video depicts a situation where son emotionally makes her mother understand the importance of having it specially at the later age.

No. of views-1,096


4) Celebrity Ad Films:

How often have we seen people buy a particular product or service only because of it’s name associated with some celebrity. Celebrities have an amazing public relation, people tend to sway with whatever they hear from their heroes.  Even, when the celebs  do not have any film releases, they still need to make their presence felt and maintain their stardom. Thus, they endorse brands to make impact on the industry. Celebrity ad film makers make sure that their brand makes the most impact, that leads to repeated sales of their product. Here are some of the celebrity ad films:

a. Ultimate table tennis(Aamir khan):

This superstar is hardly seen promoting any brand but when he does, he makes sure that he does it with perfection. Apparently, he goes through the marketing plan, get into details and also make use of the product before endorsing it. This celebrity ad film talks about the table tennis championship. Aamir here is advertising the importance of knowing the game, because he believes that in order to look like a player you must know how game is played.

No. of views-5,130


b. Frooti (Shahrukh Khan):

King khan is probably the most visible actor on television. He has maximum number of  brand endorsements on his list and is one of the most popular celebrities for promotion. This celebrity ad film conveys how can a mango juice make you feel pampered after all those tough drills of football.

No. of views-354,485


c. KBC (Amitabh Bachchan):

Big B probably the oldest young actor in the entire bollywood. From an angry young man who fights against all the odds to the nostalgic child that makes everyone laugh, he has done it all in his 45 long year career. He is loved for his style and baritone voice. This ad film has a voice over of Amitabh Bachchan that is asking people to answer all the odds through his show of “KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI”.

No. of views-100,305

Popularity – Moderate

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