Thailand :The land of tropical beaches and ancient ruins

Thailand is a Southeast Asian nation. It’s known for tropical shorelines, extravagant illustrious royal residences, antiquated vestiges and luxurious sanctuaries showing figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, a ultramodern cityscape ascends beside calm canalside networks and the notable sanctuaries of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Close-by shoreline resorts incorporate clamoring Pattaya and chic Hua Hin.


We have shortlisted some of the best locations for your pre-wedding shoot:

1. Ko Nang Yuan

Ko Nang Yuan is a modest island near Ko Tao. It is a well known day trip from Ko Tao, so its wonderful shorelines can be swarmed now and again. Be that as it may, it’s a pretty island and its reasonable waters are ideal for swimming and scuba jumping. To visit this island, voyagers who are not remaining on Ko Nang Yuan must pay a 100 baht charge.

2. Ko Phi Phi

Phi is an excellent archipelago situated in the Krabi Province not very a long way from Phuket. Ko Phi Don is the main island in the gathering with lasting occupants while the littler Ko Phi Leh is celebrated as the recording area for the 2000 film “The Beach”. Explorers go here appreciate the shorelines and to partake in an assortment of water entertainment exercises, for example, swimming, scuba jumping and kayaking.

3. Sukhothai Historical Park

Situated in northern Thailand, Sukhothai Historical Park contains the remnants of Sukhothai, which was the capital of the kingdom of a similar name amid the thirteenth and fourteenth hundreds of years. Generally meaning signify “Sunrise of Happiness,” the isolate stop contains almost 200 arrangements of vestiges, including 26 sanctuaries and the Royal Palace.

4. Phang Nga Bay

Found a little more than 95 km (60 miles) from the island of Phuket, Phang Nga Bay is one of the best vacation spots in Thailand and one of most beautiful zones in the nation. It comprises of wonderful caverns, oceanic grottoes and limestone islands. The most well known island in the straight is an ocean stack called Ko Ping Kan (all the more usually known as James Bond Island) which was highlighted in the James Bond motion picture “The Man with the Golden Gun”. A well known method for visiting Phang Nga Bay is via ocean kayak as they are the best way to get inside the grottoes and ocean caverns.

5. Phanom Rung

Sitting on a wiped out fountain of liquid magma in northeastern Thailand, Phanom Rung is a Hindu sanctuary respected for its exceptional engineering. Situated close to the town of Nang Rong, this sanctuary asylum was worked by the Khmer culture between the tenth and thirteenth hundreds of years. Developed of sandstone and laterite, Phanom Rung was worked to speak to Mount Kailash, the hallowed home of Shiva.


Thailand’s tropical climate is included warm, cool and rainstorm seasons where north and south experience distinctive climate designs. For the best time to visit Thailand, first settle on which locale you need to investigate.

Northern Thailand Weather

The northern parts of Thailand are encompassed by green tropical woodlands and amazing mountain scenes. The climate around there is characterized by a stormy season, cool season and warm season.

October to February is the cooler time frame in the north and certainly the best time to visit Thailand for its mind boggling climbing and staggering dawns. Early in the day you can wake up to natural air with temperatures topping at 20-25 degrees Celsius amid the day. This blooming period is ideal for encountering the wide open with its pleasant green mountains, rice patios, and winter blossoms.

Central Thailand Weather

The level developed scenes of focal Thailand encounter a tropical atmosphere included a cool season, warm season and stormy season. The cooler season, from October to January, is the best time to visit the focal parts of Thailand. In Bangkok, the temperatures go from 28-30 degrees Celsius and you can appreciate walking around the energetic lanes of the capital city.

Southern Thailand Weather

The southern part of Thailand, extending down past beachy Phuket, is characterized by two seasons: the blustery season and the dry season. The dry season ranges from December until May, and temperatures go from around 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Thailand’s southern parts is amid the dry season from around November to April. Amid this time, you get the opportunity to absorb the tropical warmth along the wonderful coastline while chilling in the shimmering turquoise waters

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