Perfect Music Playlist for Jaimala Ceremony

PLAYLIST FOR JAIMALA CEREMONY One of the most playful and romantic rituals of the wedding is the Jaimala Ceremony. It is the ritual in which the bride and groom exchange flower garlands that are followed by gifts from each other. This is a ceremony that most enjoy with its playful banter when the friends of [...]

Enchanting Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Dubai

PLACES IN DUBAI FOR PRE WEDDING SHOOT Ever heard of the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness?” Well, you haven’t been to Dubai. Dubai is a what I call a “Modern Fairy Tale”. The city is as dreamy as dreamy can go. From the skyscrapers to the architectural wonders, the city has everything. The city can [...]

Perfect Music Choice for Mehendi Function

MUSIC FOR MEHENDI FUNCTION In a classic Indian Wedding, Mehendi Function is one of the most common and bigger functions out there. Mehendi Function denotes for the Henna-putting-ceremony on the bridegroom and their closest friends and family. This function is important because of the nerve-soothing properties of Henna. It is also one of the sixteen [...]

15 Unique Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Trending Wedding Photoshoot Ideas Want some crazy wedding photoshoot ideas? What is the most attractive thing about a wedding photoshoot? What keeps one charmed and intrigued with the photoshoot after years? What is it that you wish to see in your wedding album? This blog that I’m writing today gives you the most unique and [...]