Tricks for Product Photography

Tricks for product photography A photo says a thousand words. How better to tell the story about your product than with explicit photos that highlights your product in a simple yet elegant manner. The Right photo can convert browsers into buyers. Here are some tricks for product photography that will help you sell your product [...]

Must Have Accessories and Props for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Must Have Props for your Pre wedding Photoshoot All though everyone knows about the basic tools and equipment’s required to click photos, If you want your pre wedding photo-shoot to stand out and give you excellent photos, you have to put in a little more effort. We mention a few accessories and props for pre wedding [...]

Top 10 Pre Wedding Locations In Udaipur

UDAIPUR The city of Lakes : With the ever increase craze for destination weddings and pre wedding photo-shoots, people are combining the two with having pre wedding photo-shoots at destinations. Today we cover the top  Pre Wedding locations in Udaipur for a  Photo-shoot. Udaipur is a beautiful city with many hidden spots that will satisfy [...]

Top 10 Tunes for Lighting up your Cocktail Party Videos

Why To Have a cocktail party Why have a cocktail party ? Your cocktail party is supposed to be the talk of the town here are some of our picks for the top songs for your cocktail party. You finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Everything’s finalized, [...]

Why to Hire A Candid Wedding Photographer?

Candid Wedding Photographer - Yay Or Nay ! Your wedding day is the most important day and you have left no stone unturned to get all the best possible things, people enjoy your wedding but forget it in a few days. You want it to be a lifetime experience, want to share your wedding with [...]

Miniature Photography Tips – Be LARGER than life

Miniature Photography Tips - Be LARGER Than Life With the ever growing craze for Out of the Box Photos and Larger than life pictures, there is not a lot left in photography that has not already done in the sector. A technique that still is relatively new and has the potential to give you something [...]