Top Tips For Designing A Corporate Video

From the biggest corporate video production companies to the newly setup ones, everyone wants to increase their market share. Every single of these want to make a huge impact on their clients and video can perhaps speak volumes for there business. The trends of doing business have changed significantly over the years. Traditional marketing methods have taken a back seat and now there are newest ways implemented for the consumer engagement – Corporate Videos and Ad films are the  mostly commonly used methods . A video must speak for the company to bring in the human touch.

1) Target audience should be cleared before drafting the script :

For any corporate video production company that wants to have its say, and wants to capture the maximum market share. Must see the audience involved and prepare the blueprint.  Who are we creating the video for? Is it for new clients? Is it for investors? Is it to attract new blood generation? Is it to increase your brand awareness?

targeting audience

2) Voice Over Artist Selection:

Voice over is the production technique whereby the voice is added to the scene after it is has been shot. The voice over artist that we choose will quiet literally be the voice of the brand. The right voice can create a major impact  on how our brand performs with respect to the other competitors.

The following points highlight what qualities a voice over artist must posses :

A. Consider the small details –  If an artist considers working with the brand. Both his demo reel as well as previous examples of his work must be listened.

B.Consider pitch-  If you are creating for an older audience then the pitch is extremely important. There is a common condition called presbycusis which affects older people which prevents them from hearing higher pitch ranges.

C.Choose the right accent- Audience targeted has a major role to  play when it comes to choosing the right accent.  If you are appealing to the international audience you probably  can opt for a middle range American or British accent.

D.Match the voice to the audience – There can’t be just one voice that connects with all types of audience. If for instance you are creating it for children then you want it to be more expressive and more energetic.

3) Script:

Making video just for fun or as professional everything goes much easier when you already know the script. Any corporate video production company uses the two best tools that are the script and the storyboard to get it done absolutely correct. Make sure that your script is simple and expressive yet easy to understand. Sentences should be small yet meaningful.  A good script has everything a viewer wants to see and hear.

short script is better

4) Don't make it really long:

The length of video could be a boon as well as bane for the targeted group of people.  What If the people lose interest to early and what if we are unable to deliver the real message in a short span of time. For a video that is as short as 30 seconds maximum crowd would consume it .Now that looks a better idea on paper. But that might not deliver every aspect of your message. So, a video that makes sense and has span of about 7- 9 minutes is watched by over 70 percent of the targeted people and is nearly perfect. The following video is an example of people loosing interest if the content is not engaging.

Process and Rules

5) Make Your Corporate Video A Fun Marketing:

One of the biggest advantages of making a corporate video is that they are a fun way to advertise your business. It does not have to be an advertisement focusing more on sales, rather it should focus more on product and it’s uses. These type of videos make people remind that our corporate video production company is run by people who share similar values and beliefs.

marketing for fun

6) Keep your corporate video short and sweet:

A typical advertising video should last no more than 30 seconds. You may find it easier to shoot multiple short clips which then can be later combined to make one video. You may have to shoot multiple short clips to get the look and feel you want.

short video gains more attention

7) Search engine optimization strategy:

For any corporate video production company that wants to rate it’s video at the top of the list  in the search engines, must deploy a comprehensive plan which has 2 major dimensions.

1. Type of tags to be used:  Tags are an important factor when it comes to rating your video on top of the pile . For any person who wants to search a particular topic. Tags can quickly tell readers what a post is all about.

2. Type of keywords targeted- Keywords can be the major promoters of your video. But how is the question? Speaking your keyword in the video helps it reach the top of the pile because it shows what audience are we referring to.

seo image

8) Highlight what makes you different from others :

A lot of companies are constantly making videos with different concepts and telling why should we prefer there opinions over others. As a corporate video production company we should answer the question of what makes us great. Telling viewers why our brand is unique and sharing what have we achieved thus far, is a great way to get back positive feedback.

highlighted text

9) Show, don't tell :

A great way to convince people is to make them see how stuff actually works. Consumers tend to be very visual , and a visceral experience can convey a great amount of information in a short span of time. Keep your audience allure by showing instead of telling.

10) Corporate videos offer opportunity for call to action:

An effective video marketing campaign should end with  strong call to action statement. Whosoever is voicing the video must direct the user to visit the company website to learn more about the brand and the product. If your message is effective enough, it can help in repeated sales for the company.

call to action button

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