Video Card Got Corrupted

This unfortunate incident happened on the pre wedding shoot of Shubham & Sonali. The video card got corrupted and with all the best efforts at multiple data recovery companies, this error could not be fixed. We tried our level best but this it was not recovered. So, we had requested and offered multiple complimentary services to the client. Kindly find the package break up, amount received, deliverables made in this article for better understanding.

But the client still pressed on the demand of making 1 Lakh Rs payment as penalty and started posting google reviews from multiple accounts and hence we have come up in public to explain what happened and our offerings for the same.



We at VideoTailor, we always keep double copy of all the data that we shoot. We keep it at two different physical offices specifically for data security. We are the only company which has built a strict data management software and we follow this practice with all the data that we shoot.
What Happened


In this case, we never got the chance to create the back up as the camera's card had some major glitch because of which we could not get even the first copy of the data. Which is very rare.


We are in this business for more than 6 years now. Last year we have shot 1000 events. From every event we receive tentatively 5 data cards. So in a year, we copy almost 5000 data cards -> approximately 30,000 data cards so far.

This error had come only twice so far, which is very very less in comparison to our industry. Because we strictly create two back ups and keep them in two different physical offices since the beginning.



A recovery amount of 1,00,000 INR to be paid by video tailor team to compensate that loss.


Dear sir

Thank you for writing this email.

We are very sorry that this unfortunate incident happened.
Our whole team is very apologetic from the bottom of our hearts. Sagar (your project Manager) and Bunty (whose video card got corrupted) have spoken to you multiple times and apologized to you for the same. We definitely understand the importance of data and thats why we have strict policy of double backs in two different offices for data safety. But this is a very rare case, (we cover close to 1000 events in a year, with tentatively 1000x5 = 5000 data card gets copied). This is the second time that has happened with us in 6 years (Ratio of 2 out of 30,000 data card copies).

It is very unfortunate that this incident happened & we have offered many complimentary services to you already. But the demand of Rs 1 lakh is not justified. We would like to explain it contractually also.

And as per our contract, we have specifically mentioned that "The provider will employ the best standards for data storage, but still in event of loss or damage of data due to technical fault or natural calamity provider's liability is limited to the amount charged for that particular service in that event."

The amount charged for videography services in this case : Rs 13,750. (45% discount on Rs 25,000 price).

The total package break up is as under:
Photography: Rs 13,750
Videography: Rs 13,750
Drone: 11,000
Make up: Rs 8250
Travel : Rs 15,000
Total = Rs 65000

As per our contract, we are liable to get Rs 13,750 deducted in the package price.
Revised package: Rs 51,250 (as per contract terms)
Out of which, we have received : Rs 32,500
Balance not received = Rs 18,750
(which obviously is already forfeited and not asked for)
So By contract, we are not liable to pay "Rs 1,00,000".



Our team has offered you "Complimentary Pre wedding shoot or post wedding Video shoot" any time as per your convenience. If you are not interested in the same, you can opt for getting any event shot by our team (1 photographer, 1 videographer -> Service value of Rs 30,000 or you can opt for Pre wedding album of bigger size 12*36 -> size of wedding album and 2 frames); whichever suits you more.

We understand that this should have not happened in the first place. But we placed our best efforts for data recovery and had sent the card to multiple recovery stores but the card and the data was completely corrupted. We would highly recommend to get the shoot done again. We will bear the expenses of re shooting shoot's expenses, you are requested to take out any of your dates, and opt for reshooting of post wedding at your preferred location.



Complete Raw data of photos, 2 reels, one video teaser from drone shots and photos & save the date images