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NIU Whiteboard Animation

What is Whiteboard Animation ?

Whiteboard Animation is a technique in which the characters , patterns , designs are physically drawn on a whiteboard or similar surface with a marker pen . This animation is used in basically a script drawn for an animated story . It is also used in the storytelling . Here is the sample of Whiteboard Animation .

Whiteboard Animation makes the narration of the story more interesting . Through an whiteboard animation , a story or script of the story gets easy to understand . Also , it looks quite interesting if compared to normal story narrations . Main thing is, you should know how to narrate a story…. , How to put the points in series in order to make it understand to the audience .you should not make the graphics complicated . if you will do so, it will make your story look complicated . Keep it simple and creative and you will get positive outputs .

Tips For Making Whiteboard Animation Interesting ?

If you follow these tips in creating a whiteboard animation , you will surely make it worth people remember and a good effect on their mind. Let’s have a look on it …

1.Make your storyline strong and effective

Make sure to make your story effective . Put some points to remember with a good use of simple and strong words . Make them highlight means only that particular sentence should be on screen at a time . Also, your story shouldn’t take much time to make people understand that what are you trying to convey through the story.

2. Animated Characters

Try creating some animated characters . animated characters will make it look more interesting and easy . Try adding expressions on the character’s according to your story . Don’t put many characters . Remember that you are putting characters to make it look more creative ,not make it look complicated .

3. Keep it simple

Main thing to keep in mind is that keep it simple . Don’t put so much colors in it. Try to keep it simple with white background and black marker pen. You can add some colors but not much. If you do so , it will make it look more complicated . The more simple it will look , more it will look attractive.

4. Touch Of Natural Hand

You should make it try to look naturally drawn . But it should be seems like it has been drawn quickly . It shouldn’t take much time on the screen . Natural hand drawing the animation will make it look like it is a whiteboard animation .

5. Interconnected Drawings

All the drawings should be interconnected to each other . So that they make sense. If your drawings will not be interconnected, it will not make sense . And the client or the audience will not understand it . It should make sense what you are putting in the series of the story .   

6. Don’t Cross The Characters

Remember not to cross many characters at a time at the same screen . As an output , it will look very complicated if so much drawings and characters will be on same page .  

7. Say it Loud

Whatever the text is over the screen , one should say it with the video going on . It will make it easy to understand the audience . The voice over the video will make it more convenient for the audience .  

So these were some tips for a perfect narration of story through whiteboard animation. Just keep these points in mind and you will get a perfect whiteboard animated video.