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With the changing trends in fashion photoshoots and other genres of various Photoshoots increasing demand of people wanting to get their own photoshoot experience is growing at a rapid pace and its trending now a days.Fashion photography is just an another version, shade of photography rather to quote it in simpler words it can be summarized as a sub type of photography. As the name reveals that fashion photography has something to do with apparels, accessories, shoes, earrings and other fashion items.

As this photography appears to be “glamorous”, “stylish”, “fun” and even lucrative so it itself has become an industry of its own . Hence photographers involved  in such an industry are known as fashion photographers . Well some of the talented ones have succeeded in this industry of listed as “fashion industry” while others are still figuring out their way, not all the photographers around can not be fashion photographers . To be proficient in fashion photography one must be patient and at the same time skilled in short they should have passion and taste for the same.

Helmut Newton known as “King of Kink “ in the industry, is  a brand himself known for his iconic work in this field. One of his most cherished work is an image titled “Le Smoking” depicting a model smoking a cigarette in the fashion city “Paris”. He is an inspiration for both experienced as well as budding talent willing to pursue their career in the field of fashion photography


Clicking snaps of fashion might seem straightforward, but well it’s not a children’s play it involves a lot of work behind the scenes from styling a model to choosing poses to setting up best suited  lighting and adding props, a fashion photo shoot requires a lot of diligence and equipment. The most essential equipment, no doubt is the camera. Are you curious about the best camera’s for fashion shoots? Check out the best ones below.

Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera

Nikon D3X  is one of the best 35mm format DSLR in market, and might be able to cater to your needs. It shoots with exceptionally low noise levels for clear snaps  every time. The best feature of the camera is that is maintains clarity in images even when blown up. It is used by the renowned professional photographer’s, and is most trusted by them. It has good picture control, AF system features 4 modes. Has a capacity of  clicking 4,400 images per full battery charge. It’s portable as well as durable with dual CF card slots.

Canon EOS-5D Mark III

It is one of the most popular camera for fashion photography. It’s a bit cheaper than the Nikon D3X, , and produces aesthetic images. One benefit of the Canon 5D is that it’s convenient enough to carry around with utmost ease, which helps a alot while shooting. It known for its sharpness at all ISO levels, to summarize it in short you can easily identify any of the discrepancies . Its proficient enough to capture alluring fashion shoots Up to 6.0 fps continuous shooting. Moreover it comes with neck strap and camera cover, moreover it has an option of silent as well as vibration mode and is dust as well as weather resistant with the card slots for CF and SD cards.

Nikon D7100 DX-format

While fashion photography, this camera has capability to pick up the complex lines and textures of couture. It also has the capability to fire six frames per second for up to 100 shots, it can capture the most precise camera shot you desire

Hasselblad H5D-50

The Hasselblad is a medium format camera and takes sharper pictures than a full-frame DSLR. It also uses a CCD sensor, which provides better overall image quality than the CMOS in most DSLRs. The Hasselblad though a bit expensive but is definitely the value for money.




Fashion photography  is all about light. The right lighting can break an image setting the stage for others to see it as a snapshot.




When the light comes from the side , it can create long shadows and adds depth to the image. This lighting plays a vital role in portraiture photography.


Here light comes from the back and its directed towards subject and photographer’s camera . it creates silhouettes easily. Combined with a few atmospheric conditions such as fog or dust one  gets dramatic lighting effects.


This is non-direct soft lighting that often is bounced from one surface to another. This type of photography works best when fashion photography is to be done in outdoors basically in landscapes


This type comes from acute angle and creates highlights along the edges of our subject .  It enhances the effect to macro, nature and fine art nude photography.


This type of lighting reduces contrast and minimizes shadows..


It’s impact is powerful for all genres of photography , It helps and develop strong shadows and contrast.


It’s direct and generally intense in brightness . Highlights can be intense under hard lighting conditions so special care should be made with exposures.


This can be generated from a variety of studio lights and built in or external flash units . Therefore, its helpful in providing lots of flexibility and opportunities


There is no rule that states that you have to work with just one form of lighting . So, its completely at a distinction of photographer to creatively apply combination of any or all of these types of lighting

The various types of accessories used with lighting are LED Lights , Umbrella’s , Reflectors, Hot shoe flashes, these accessories enhances the effects of lighting.


Depending upon your pocket and the requirements, a stylist can be a distinctively important member of team of fashion photographers. They can help you put the looks together, source accessories, create shot lists, make the model look gorgeous and flawless on the sets on set, assistance for the right outfit suiting the model best is also given by them. Looking good on camera is different than looking good to the naked eye. Hence a professional proficient in field of hair and makeup is a must to make the shoot work ; for example, you may want your model to have a smoky eye, but the flash creates shadows intensifying that look. Then its only a makeup artist who knows how to adjust for lighting to achieve the desired look on  camera which makes overall photo shoot alluring