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In current business scenario, the biggest challenge an online retailer face is- “How to convince potential buyers through scintillating product images”. For an online store, e-commerce photography plays a paramount role, better the product/service appears on website, more one is able to sell. In an online marketplace, product photos with elaborate details & features, clicked with optimum lighting and background sets the tone, mood, atmosphere and provides product accuracy, clarity and narrate a unique story to customers.

Consistency in images need to be maintained by maintaining uniform background, so that it appears aesthetically and provides seamless experience to buyers. Unlike in brick and mortar store, where customer has an opportunity to experience look and feel of goods in reality, product photos in ecommerce marketplace creates customer perception about product quality and drive their purchase decisions. Product images are the closest buyers can get to an in-store experience by zooming in and looking at alternate angles, which is digital replacement for holding it in hands or trying it on. So in a way informative picture help customers to visualize product specificity- color/size/model, and ecommerce players need to ensure putting in their best effort to provide lean and efficient customer experience.

We charge Rs 15,000 per day of an e-commerce photoshoot. In which our team will be available for your shoot for 8-10 hours a day.

We have a team of talented professionals who are able to provide our clients with best and fast services. With our team, we are able to cover more than 500 products in one day without the model, which sums up to a market best price Rs 30 per product only and around 300 products per day with the model, hence Rs 50 per product. Please note- Model charges are extra (depends on the choice of model, available on our website).

We don’t charge per product wise. If your number of products are less, then get in touch with us, we might be able to club your shoot with another e-commerce shoot happening at our end. We would be charging higher per product cost in that case.

Apart from that, we do video shooting as well for the product, kindly check the following videos.



Let’s try to understand the biggest constraint for having good quality image? Is it only budget which allows big ecommerce giants to prosper in marketplace, but if it’s so -how come new innovating entrants are changing rules of competition and quickly gaining market share. Research shows biggest barrier for lucrative photo is not budget, but knowledge. In an era where average person is carrying 12 Megapixel camera and most powerful image editing software are available for free, product photography need not necessarily have to break one’s bank. One need to understand tools & techniques prevalent in marketplace (for good photography), when one should outsource digital content, how much to pay and from where to seek help in such cases. Difference between photography as an art and e-commerce photography is obvious, where former tries to reflect perspective of photographer but later is product centric and is more of science rather than an art.

An e-commerce photographer need to step out of his own shoes, and put on those of a prospective buyer. He need to anticipate as what customer wishes to see and what he needs to know. Accordingly, product photographer need to provide apt answer and if not done correctly, photographs provides an illusion of a product which is not accepted by customers, leads to product rejection & hampers brand equity of seller, hampering his future sale prospects. This has led to mushrooming of ecommerce photography, which provides end-to-end solutions along with world class photographs for online retailers of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to small start-up businesses. Innovative software like Instalog (cloud based) has tried to automate ecommerce photography by producing 2D, 360 degree and 3D images, wherein one just need to place product, and software tells as how the shot need to be taken, lighting & background pattern, shoot angles etc. After all, one need to differentiate it’s offering from competitors and often it’s small touches like custom buttons or signature/number in images which make them unique, for instance- in jewelry focus on stones/clasp, for textile items show the weave.

Photos are how shoppers judge fit, quality and overall desirability of products and brands. The care one put into imagery reflects the care they put in their business and establishes credibility of seller. So in nutshell, sharper and beautiful picture answers questions without words, make business memorable and any ecommerce player can’t ignore product photography. Players new and experienced alike, need to understand customer problem by putting oneself in their shoes and making end user experience as memorable as possible.