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NIU 3D Animation Projects Outsourcing

3D Animation Projects Outsourcing to Video Tailor:


We are the top rated 3d animation outsourcing company in India. We have a team of experienced and dedicated 3D professionals to provide on-time services. To better understand our working style and how we are going to serve you, we have designed our working mechanism into the below Infographic.


  • A Skype/In Person meeting with our Creative Director: Firstly, we will arrange a skype/in person meeting between you and our Creative Director/Representative to understand your requirement and then from your input he/she will design a tentative storyboard.
  • Storyboard and approval of the project: The storyboard is foundation stone of the 3D project. Whatever design elements, flow, animation, sequence, duration is decided at this phase, would be final. Based on this storyboard, cost evaluation will be done and shared with you.
  • Cost Evaluation with 20% Advance Payment – Based on your inputs and the scale of the project, our team will give you a quotation for the outsourcing service. You are expected to give 20% of the payment in advance. If you are working with our team for the first time, then you can also test our services for two working days. You can do the same by checking our designer’s work through screen sharing through team viewer.
  • First Draft of the Project (40% payment) – The first draft of the project will be delivered in the mutually pre-decided timeline (with watermark). You will be required to make 40% of the payment after receiving the first draft of the video. At any moment, you can check the designing process and work development through team viewer.
  • Remaining 40% payment – After the necessitated changes, final draft of the project will be delivered to you without watermark. Remaining 40% of the payment must be made before delivery of the final project.


The creative and technical team at Video Tailor is very experienced and work in tandem to deliver time  bound 3d animation services. We offer solutions for:

  • Explainer Video
  • Product Video
  • Special Effects
  • 3D Logo Design
  • 3D Graphics
  • 3D Modelling
  • 3D Prototypes
  • 3D Character/Cartoon Animation
  • Animated Commercial/short movie
  • Infographic Videos


  • Expert team of 3D designers and Animators: The professional team of 3D animators and customer friendly support staff is always ready to serve you in the best of their capabilities. 
  • Reliable and Time bound delivery of services: Our experienced 3d animators who are working for years now in the field of 3D animation is dependable and deliver services on time. They have proved their worth working with Video Tailor and the brand is itself known for its quality and fast delivery.
  • Budget Friendly: It is true that 3D animation is expensive but at Video Tailor, we have a flexible price formula in which you will only pay for the services you require. Because we provide services based on your customized needs, you will save big time on your pocket.
  • Always there for you: Video Tailor is there for you 24/6 and we have a robust support system to help you in your smallest of queries. The technical and creative team is open to new ideas and suggestions and will keep you updated with information you consider important.  
  • Security: Video Tailor and its animators does not compromise when it comes to data security and privacy of the customer. We give every project its due importance and supervision no matter how small or big it is. By using best security firewalls, we insure your data is secure and risk-free with us.