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ELEMENTARY 2D Animation Services

NOBLE 2D Animation Services

MAGNIFIC 2D Animation Services

DISTINGUE' 2D Animation Services
PRICE Rs 8000/minute with voiceover
PRICE Rs 15,000/minute with voiceover
PRICE Rs 20,000 onwards per minute
PRICE Rs 35,000 per minute Onwards

Sample Elementary Video

Sample Noble Video

Sample Magnific Video

Sample Distingue' Video

  • Very simple animation
  • Mainly for bulk animation videos for educational and training sector
  • Cost per video per minute is calculated on the length of the video.
  • Suitable for training videos > 30 minutes.
  • Single character animation (character is customizable from 100+ characters available with us)
  • Scenes will be from our pre built scenes, and we will share a story board with you and once its approved we will start with the animation.
  • New scenes are not built
  • Good for explainatory videos with a product explaination
  • In this, we will design new characters in animation, new locations in the animation, as well as multiple character animation is included.
  • This is good for the videos which are story or concept driven videos, where in new backgrounds needs to be created, characters need to be developed.
  • 2D animation where the characters are first sketched and then animated.
  • Animation is developed as per the storyboard specifically.


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